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Wedding Ring Sets For Happy Weddings

In today’s world, wedding ring sets form an integral part of most weddings. They are considered to be the best way of complementing a perfect wedding relationship. You can choose these from the bridal, dual, and triple options. Bridal sets contain two rings – the engagement ring and the wedding ring. The wedding ring is often worn above the engagement ring. Whether the two rings must be similar to each other or different, is a matter of personal choice. The dual set has two wedding rings or bands for the bride and bridegroom. Engagement rings are not available as a part of this set. The triple set contains two wedding rings for the couple and an engagement ring.

Although the rings of the couple in the set match each other in most ways such as pattern or style, there are some differences also. For example, the groom’s rings are often bigger and broader than that of the bride’s. The traditional wedding ring sets are made of plain gold and are worn on the left ring finger. Today, variations are made to these traditional ring sets, and they are available in other metals like silver, white gold and platinum. Stone studded sets are also available. Diamond is often a preferred stone. Engraving names on them is also a trend in the recent past.

When opting for wedding ring sets, it is worthwhile considering a few factors. Make sure that you choose rings that fit your budget and of the right size. Also, check for proper fitting of the ring. If you opt for stone studded rings, ensure that the stones are of good quality. You may also consider buying a set to match your wedding attire. Also, look out for the durability of the set. Remember that the wedding rings are those that you will wear for a lifetime. To determine how the ring suits you, wear it on your ring finger on the left hand. Hold the hand up in front of a mirror, and determine how the ring looks and feels against your skin.

There are many options that you can consider when you decide to look out for wedding ring sets to opt for the best one for your wedding. You can check out a number of jewelers in your area for different designs or request your trusted jeweler to make the rings for you. You can also use the Internet to choose from a variety of designs or styles. Whichever method you choose, take time to make your choice and do not rush into making a hasty decision.

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Cross Pendant an exclusive piece of art

Jewelry depicting religious faith like a Cross Pendant tops the best selling list in the jewelry stores at any season. Both men and women think wearing a cross pendant a stylish way of representing their faith. The cross pendant became increasingly popular in the 20th century due to various media influences. Cross pendants are made out of numerous materials ranging from diamonds to plain wood. Stainless steel crosses and crosses made of gold and platinum are also very common.

Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic Cross pendant is known for its intricate work. It is considered an artistic piece of jewelry rather than a religious symbol. We can find Celtic crosses everywhere from late night tele-shopping commercials to exclusive diamond showrooms. Gold or silver plated Celtic crosses with glittering Swarovski stones are very famous across many online and retail jewelry shops. They make great gifts for any person. You can present a crystal Celtic cross to your grandmother, your little sister or your girlfriend or boss. They will admire it and cherish it for a very long time.

Specialty of Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic cross pendant can be reproduced in numerous styles and designs. Though only Irish people preferred it initially, the world got captivated by its charm and flexible design before many decades. Many rich women and ladies of high birth considered wearing a beautiful, glittering Celtic cross pendant a status symbol. Following them many celebrities made the symbol famous through their attire, tattoos and accessories. Nowadays the symbol can be found in apparels like pants, tea shirts, ties, belts and shirts. The Celtic cross symbol is printed in goggles, caps, bikes, cars and numerous items. Hanging a pretty Celtic cross pendant from the purse or the handbag was considered very stylish before a few years.

Cost of Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic cross can cost anything from $2 to $2000 based on the material it is made. Cross Pendant with a huge diamond in the middle is quite imperial to look and is worn in main occasions like marriage by many men. Celtic cross with exquisite small diamonds made of platinum are many men's dream. Ladies prefer cross pendants with small diamonds throughout the cross and one colored stone in the middle. They usually hang in around their neck or in their bracelet. Religious meetings and gatherings see many well -dressed women wearing a pretty Celtic pendant, brooch or holding a rosary with a decorative Celtic cross pendant attached to it.

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What Are Promise Rings?

Promise rings are very popular and have been so for a long time. Though they are insanely popular, many do not know the meaning behind promise rings. Promise rings, just as their name suggests are given when any promise or commitment is made. The commitment doesn't have to be marital in nature. As most people often confuse the concept or meaning of these rings, it is essential that you clarify any misunderstandings upon giving the ring. These rings can be given to individuals on several occasions. One of the most popular is for pre engagement purposes. Two individuals who have decided to get engaged might exchange promise rings to symbolize their commitment.

Promise rings used for pre engagement purposes can be customized to make them extra special. You can have your lover's name engraved on it or their initials. Or you can have an interesting design with both of your initials engraved on them. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity and you can make the rings that much more special for your lover. It is also important that you get a ring that fits your partner's style. By doing so, you are only confirming to your partner that you do actually know various things about her/him. For instance, if she wears only gold jewelry, then giving her a silver promise ring would not be a wise idea.

Apart from pre engagement purposes, promise rings are also used for various other purposes. Another popular type of promise ring is the purity ring. These rings are exchanged when two lovers have taken a vow to remain chaste or to abstain from something. Parents sometimes give their child a purity promise ring to mark a promise made by the child to abstain from sex until marriage. Sometimes these rings are given to abstain from bad habits like smoking and drinking and sometimes they are given as a promise to be friends forever. You can even use them for religious purposes. Some wear rings to show their undying commitment and faith in a particular religion. Some even wear them as a mark of commitment towards a particular saint.

They also serve as a visual reminder of the commitment you have made and will help you to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Promise rings are worn by not only women but also by men and come in a variety of styles and designs to appease any aesthetic need or taste you may have.

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The Best Uses Of White Gold Chain

White gold is a common metal used in jewelry in today's world. Among the different pieces of jewelry, white gold chains are the most common. They are a favorite item of jewelry among both men and women and are usually a perfect match for a traditional gold pendant. They also match any attire, and can be used for daily wear. White gold chains are often durable and scratch resistant. They are also soft and light to feel. These textures make it easy for jewelers to work on them without much difficulty.

While white gold chains are very pretty in appearance, they are not made of pure gold. These are usually made from an alloy consisting of gold and either nickel or palladium, and are available in a maximum of 21 karats. Karats determine the amount of gold used in the white gold chains. If nickel is used along with gold to make the white gold chain, the chain appears to be white in color. White gold chains made using gold and palladium are more yellowish in appearance. White gold chains that use nickel are cheaper than those chains that use palladium. Also, all white gold chains are mostly rhodium plated to give them their white color.

The white look of your white gold chain depends on how much and how long you wear the chain. The rhodium plating on it may start becoming dull at the points where there is a lot of contact with the body and start appearing yellowish in color. To get the color back on your tarnished white gold chain, you can take the chain to your jeweler to get the rhodium plating redone. This is usually easy and inexpensive, but this is a temporary solution. You will have to get the rhodium plating for your white gold chain done over and over again each time the color wears off.

White gold chain made using gold and nickel may cause an allergic reaction when worn for long periods of time in comparison to white gold chains that are designed using gold and palladium. This allergy appears in the form of rashes. So, it is available to remove such white gold chains made of gold and nickel during bedtime and bath time.

You can check out an exciting range of patterns of white gold chains at your nearest jeweler. Or, you can even look them up on reliable websites such as E-bay or Amazon on the Internet. Some common patterns are the rope chain, snake chain, wheat chain, and Miami Cuban chain. White gold chains are also available in varying lengths and thicknesses.

White gold chains can prove to be real value for money. To discover the charming effect of white gold chains on you, wear one on your neck and admire yourself in the mirror. And if you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, white gold chains are definitely a good idea. Some jewelers give a warranty for these. These chains also often have a certificate of authenticity.

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An Insight into Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the many symbols of love and marriage. One might even consider it as one of the most well known symbols too. Whenever a man and a woman get engaged, the man will always give his loved one a beautiful engagement ring. Diamonds are the preferred stone in engagement rings. Though the man gives a diamond engagement ring to his lover, in some cases women have given their lovers a ring too. After all, the ring is a symbol of undying love, fidelity, commitment and honor and all these characteristics should go both ways.

The history of engagement rings is a fascinating one. They have been a part of many different cultures over the last few hundred years. The ancient Greeks were the ones who started using the whole concept of exchanging rings. They exchanged rings before marriage and considered the ring to be a symbol of care and affection. However, it wasn’t a necessity in the pre marriage ritual. It was given more freely similar to the way we exchange friendship rings today. The Romans were also known to use engagement rings. The popularity of these rings rose when the royals started wearing them in the fifteenth century. However, during these times only the rich were able to afford these rings.

Engagement rings help one to convey his/her undying love to their respective lover. The beautifully crafted ring binds the two individuals as one to live a life of unbridled happiness and unwavering love. The ring is a circle which symbolizes eternity and life which will always go on. During earlier times, people believed that the fourth finger of the left hand contained a vein that went right into one’s heart. For this reason, they believed that the engagement ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Though no such vein exists, it is one of the most popular and romantic folklore surrounding the engagement ring.

From earlier days when the ring was made from hair, grass and even twin, today they exhibit exceptional artistry and are more intricate in nature. You can customize and personalize your ring by getting it made according to your liking. You can even collaborate with a designer to design the perfect ring for your needs. In the end, you will be the proud owner of a truly unique and beautiful ring. Though diamond is the most popular stone used in engagement rings, few use white gold, platinum, gold and even rubies for their rings.

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